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Gofun's March team building activity was held in Suzhou Qionglong Mountain

Gofun's March team building activity was held in Suzhou Qionglong Mountain

From March 13th to 14th, 2021, Gofun launched a two-day outdoor team building activity in Suzhou Qionglong Mountain. The original intention of this team building was also to make up for the regret that the annual meeting was postponed due to the epidemic. Through the development of this activity, the team cohesion and overall centripetal force of the employees have been enhanced, the distance between the company's leaders and the employees has been shortened, and the team consciousness of active communication, mutual trust, and unity and cooperation between employees has been enhanced.

After meeting at the company at 1 pm, everyone got on the bus to Qionglong Mountain.

All employees were randomly divided into 4 teams according to the card suits drawn. After a brief speech by the leader, everyone immediately started today's game.



The first game is a guessing number game. A number is randomly selected from 0-100. The person sitting in the seat does not know the specific number, but can say a number and get the corresponding number range. The next one has to say this The number in the interval is eliminated by the person who guesses it last.


The second game is to hold the mace blindfolded. You can only swing the mace up and down, and the side that hits the opponent first wins.


The third game is to quickly draw paper, remove the paper strip in the middle of the paper cup, and let the upper cup fall into the lower cup.

The fourth game is a word-adding game. At the beginning, add words to the given vocabulary. Everyone adds a word. Make sure that the sentence is smooth after the word is added.

After the game session, everyone started the dinner.

The company prepared a sumptuous dinner for everyone


After eating and drinking, everyone started free activities. There are Maiba singing in KTV, and there are athletes playing billiards, table tennis, and gamers who gather to play games.


After a rest night, everyone had breakfast and got on the bus to go hiking. After taking group photos, everyone started free activities.


At 2 o'clock in the afternoon, everyone who had climbed the mountain returned to the bus one after another, accompanied by the warm sun, and fell asleep. The two-day team building activity also ended successfully.

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