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Mango processing line

Mango processing line

Shanghai Gofun Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technology-based private joint-stock enterprise, specializing in the design and manufacture of many kinds of fruit and vegetable processing and packaging equipment. Such as apple, mango, berry etc. The company has 15 years of industry experience in juice, jam, dried fruit, beverage processing technology and equipment.

Now Shanghai Gofun machinery company will introduce the information of mango paste production line and show its working principle.



Product image

Description for each step

Pre-processing equipment

1. Discharge platform

        Fresh mangoes are usually transported by big truck, its very difficult to discharge with human. So we design the discharge platform and use water gun to discharge fresh mango from truck, and delivery to processing line. And there is another function of the discharge platform, it can pre-wash fresh mango before processing.


2. Elevator

        This machine is used to delivery fresh mango from outside of building to inside.

3. Washing

        Before crushing, we need to washing fresh mango carefully. For washing we could use Bubble washing machine and Spray washing machine at the same time or add more stages of washing. In order to get a better cleaning effect, we can also add ultrasonic cleaning and ozone cleaning. After bubble washing machine, the brush and spray washing machine would make the fresh mango cleaner.

4. Sorting

        After washing, the surface of mango is clean, we can check the situation of all the mango by eye. And sort out the bad mango by human.

5.  Destoning

        The mango destoner is running with speed of 1470 r/min to crush fresh mango to make sure all the mango cores are fully cleaned. The cores will be sent outside factory, and the pulp will be pumped to next step. 

Industrial equipment and procedures

6. Preheating

        The preheater is used to heat the product after destoner, the temperature is adjustable, normally from 45℃ to 85℃. This processing step would help to improve the juice yield in the next step, and also can protect the color and testing for final mango  paste.

7. Pulper and refiner

        This machine is also running with speed of 1470 r/min, it causes the centrifugal force and the product will go through screen that helps to refine the product. Normally, we use double stage of pulper and refiner, the screen of each stage is different, for first stage the screen would be bigger, and for second stage the screen would be smaller.

8. Evaporating

            Vacuum Evaporator is  used for concentrating the mango paste under vacuum and low temperature. We are using Forced Circulation Vacuum Evaporator. Because it’s under vacuum and low temperature, so the test and nutrients would be protected as much as possible. And right now we get the mango paste.

9. Sterilizing

        For mango paste we use cube in cube type sterilizer for sterilizing. The sterilizing temperature and holding time is adjustable.With this machine we will heat the mango paste to a very high temperature around 115℃ holding for 30s and then cooling to ambient temperature immediately. In this way we can also protect the test and nutrients of mango paste as much as possible.

10. Aseptic Filling

        The aseptic filling machine works together with the cube in cube type sterilizer. It’s a closed cycle. Before production, the cycle will be fully sterilized to make sure the aseptic environment. And the filling cavity is also protected by steam to make sure the filling environment is aseptic.

11. Storage or go to blend


Product picture

Product packaging picture

The strength of this set of processing line

1.The capacity of fresh mango can be customized from 60 Ton/D to 1500Ton/D.

2.The packaging of final mango paste can be designed as customer’s requirement.

3.The final mango paste will be filled into aseptic bags in drum. With this kind of package, the quality guarantee period can reach two years in normal atmospheric temperature.

4.All the materials are food standard, the main material we used is SUS 304 or SUS316. Its available as your requirements.

5.Beside aseptic bag filling, we also can provide metal can, small sachet, stand-up pouch, PET/PP container, etc.

6.The waste from production line can be produced into fertilizer.

7.Different parts of the machine are collected from various world famous brands. So the machine is a combination of quality and innovation.

8.The price of the machine is very fair as compared to any other company.



In fact, this set of production line equipment can not only be used for the production of mango jam, but also for the process of making jam from peach, plum, apricot and other nuclear fruits. And all these function are due to the powerful industrial stand-alone equipment of Gofun.

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