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Juice beverage production line process

Juice beverage production line process

1. Dilution: dilute the unfrozen concentrated juice by adding purified water according to the secret recipe.

 2. Filter: remove the suspended solids and impurities in the juice beverage, and make the diluted juice beverage clear and transparent. 

3. Homogenization: Homogenize the diluted juice beverage to make it symmetrical and stable. Uniform pressure requirement: 20-25MPa. 

4. Sugar dissolving and filtering: in sugar dissolving tank. Start the stirrer, add proper amount of water, and add white sugar according to the secret recipe. There are two methods to dissolve sugar: hot melting and cold melting, one of which can be selected according to the needs of processing technology. Diatomite is usually used to filter sugar solution. Other auxiliary materials are dissolved and filtered in the same way as white sugar. 

5. Blending: Pump the diluted fruit juice beverage, dissolved and filtered sugar solution and dissolved and filtered auxiliary materials to the blending cylinder, so that they are stirred evenly and fixed in volume. Add essence and/or pigment according to the secret recipe, and stir well. 

6. Filtration: the prepared feed liquid is filtered again with the aid of a filter barrel connected to the pipeline, so as to completely remove suspended substances and sundries that may exist, and ensure the transparency, symmetry and unity of the goods without precipitation. 

7. Sterilization: the filtered feed liquid is sterilized by UHT sterilizer. Sterilization standard: 130-135℃, 4-6 seconds. When sterilizing, ensure that the steam pressure of supply and demand sterilizers is not less than 0.8MPa. 

8. Cleaning: The bottle may be completely cleaned of dust, dirt, etc. in the bottle by means of a bottle washer. To ensure the cleaning effect, it is required that the pressure of clean purified water should not be less than 0.4MPa. Bottle cleaning usually forms a "three-in-one" filling machine with filling and capping. 

9. Filling and sealing: There are two key filling methods: aseptic cold filling and aseptic hot filling. In order to ensure the quality of juice drinks, aseptic hot filling is usually used. Requirements: the temperature during filling is not less than 90℃, and the temperature in the bottle after filling is not less than 85℃. Cover immediately after filling. When sealing, adjust the suitable torque of the sealing head to ensure that the sealing place is tight. Three-in-one hot filling machine for bottle washing, filling and capping. 

10. Bottle pouring: immediately pour the hot-filled products with the help of a bottle pouring machine, so that the residual temperature of the filling liquid can sterilize the bottles and their caps to ensure the quality of the products. 

11. Light inspection: Let the goods use the light inspection machine to check whether the bottles are dirty and sundries, and whether the bottle sealing parts are complete, etc., so as to ensure that the products that meet the standards will enter the next stage. 

12. Refrigeration: Let the goods pass through the refrigeration tunnel, so that the temperature of the goods can be quickly reduced to (38 2)℃. More damage. Less investment in hot filling machinery and equipment. The whole body of the fruit juice beverage filling machine is made of stainless steel, and the cup, lid and sealing parts are all completed once. It has the basic functions of automatic bottle feeding, automatic overflow, automatic measuring and filling quantity, automatic bottle cap sorting, automatic cap screwing and so on. Compact structure, small total area, only one main driving force for the whole equipment transmission, continuous operation and other characteristics. Before conventional production and processing, it is necessary to manually add a proper amount of filling materials and bottle caps and pour them into the hopper and vibrating plate, and then add a proper amount of filling bottles and put them into the discharging bottle plate in an orderly manner. Use simple output power, low energy consumption. The key raw material is stainless steel, which meets the production standard of medicine and food.

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