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Fresh juice beverage production line

Fresh juice beverage production line
Which kind of juice is good? All kinds of juices are good and are good for your health. Of course, there are still differences.

1. Orange juice beverage production line: Orange juice has an excellent influence in the world. If you eat a glass of orange juice in the morning, you can get the vitamin C you need throughout the day. Orange juice is opaque, it is sugar, which includes pectin, in suspension. Orange sweat can promote the normal work of the gastrointestinal tract, and pectin can also help clean up harmful substances that enter the body along with air and food.

2. Pomegranate juice beverage production line. Pomegranate is rich in pectin and a small amount of minerals, which can increase appetite and improve metabolism.

3. Apple juice beverage production line. Apple juice and grape juice with apple juice are rich in sugars, vitamins, trace elements and organic acids. They are suitable for drinking. They are beneficial to the vascular system and nervous system, and can also prevent colds.

4. Pineapple beverage production line. The aroma and deliciousness of pineapple juice are incomparable. Pineapple juice is rich in a variety of aromatic substances, as well as a large amount of organic acids, especially citric acid, and even bromelain. These ingredients are to aid digestion.

5. Mango beverage production line. Mango juice is rich in dietary fiber and β-carotene, which is good for metabolism and improves eyesight. Its very sufficient vitamin S can force.

6. Peach juice beverage production line. These juices of peach juice and apricot juice have a good effect of preventing and slowing cardiovascular diseases, and are beneficial to intestinal digestion. It also prevents osteoporosis. Drinking apricot juice when the rate is low and sleepless can relax people and eliminate tension.

7. Banana beverage production line equipment. Banana juice is suitable for people with kidney disease and heart disease. It's very filling, so it's good to drink in the afternoon.

8. Pear juice beverage production line. Pear juice is rich in chlorogenic acid, which can prevent many kidney and liver diseases. Assist it to return to normal in bowel function.

9. Grape beverage production line. The grapefruit juice has a slightly bitter taste, but it is unforgettable. It is rich in glucosides with functions. In addition, it can lower blood pressure and make the liver function healthy. Because it is rich in vitamin C, it can prevent colds.

10. Seabuckthorn beverage production line. In addition to the nutrients contained in other juices, sea buckthorn juice is especially beneficial to obese people-it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

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