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Development path

Shanghai Gofun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2006


Established a technical team and began to conduct project inspections at home and abroad, Absorb and integrate domestic and foreign fruit processing technology solutions.


The company was established, the sales department was established, and the import and export business department was established in the same year.
Independently designed, produced and completed the company's first fruit and vegetable processing project.


The technical team began to independently design and manufacture small-scale equipment for production trials
Designed, manufactured and installed the first domestic prickly pear processing project for Guizhou customers 5 tons per hour, products include prickly pear juice, dried prickly pear fruit and prickly pear wine, etc.


The company participated in the first food processing technology exhibition held in Algeria and received strong attention in West Africa. In the same year, the aseptic bag filling machine developed by the company obtained the national invention patent certificate.
Obtained the EU CE certification, and the products were exported to Spain and North America in the same year.



The company completed the first foreign complete line project, a 15 tons per hour tomato paste processing production line located in Algeria, providing customers with one-stop turnkey engineering services, from plant planning to equipment manufacturing, installation and personnel training, and has won foreign customers Recognition and praise. At the same time, it laid the foundation for the company's business promotion in African fruit and vegetable processing



Registered the "Gofun" trademark, Gofun Equipment began to have its own independent brand
The company invested and built a 5 tons per hour citrus processing plant in Hubei, and accumulated experience in process and equipment optimization in actual production. The company's volumetric aseptic filling machine obtained the utility model patent certificate



The company participated in the Yunnan targeted poverty alleviation project and successfully won the bid for the prickly pear processing project of a subsidiary of Kunming Iron and Steel Group, which was unanimously recognized by the government and customers


The company set up a branch in Jingjiang, Jiangsu
The company completed the agricultural development project of a large state-owned enterprise in Ghana, with a 5 tons per hour tomato paste processing and blending production line. The President of Ghana visited the project site to participate in the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Successfully won the bid for the juice processing project of the Agriculture Bureau of Neiqiu County, Hebei Province, and established the first HPP juice production line in Hebei Province.



The company provided donations and materials to the primary school where the Bangladesh Mango Processing Project is located, and established a good international image. Obtained ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system requirements certificate in the same year