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Ultra-high temperature milk processing production line

Ultra-high temperature milk processing production line

  1. Production line advantage

  * Can be designed according to user's special requirements

  * Different final products can be produced on the same production line

  * Very short holding time

  * A wide range of products available

  * Can produce high-quality products and maintain nutrients

  * Add and mix aromatic substances accurately

  * Extend product shelf life

  * Large output, small loss

  * Apply high technology to save energy

  * Monitoring system for the entire production process

  * Vivid and intuitive display, printing of all process parameters

  2. Product variety

  Pasteurized extended shelf life (ESL) whole milk whipping

  Pasteurized extended shelf life (ESL) skimmed milk

  Pasteurized milk with extended shelf life (ESL) with different fat content

  Pasteurized extended shelf life (ESL) flavored milk

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