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Peach, apricot and plum paste processing production line

Peach, apricot and plum paste processing production line

1. Product details:

Shanghai GoFun Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional design and sales of fruit and vegetable processing equipment company, with rich experience in engineering projects, strong technical ability and new product development ability. Our company has comprehensively realized the technical improvement in the processing technology and equipment improvement of juice, paste, dried fruit, preserved fruit, beverage, etc. by integrating and absorbing the advanced mechanical design concepts of Europe countries.

We are specialized in designing and selling the whole line of processing and packaging equipment with daily processing capacity of 10 ~ 1500 tons. From the selection of manufacturing technology to the design and customization of cost-effective equipment, we are tailor-made for customers. The company participated in the development of tomato, apple, mango, peach, medlar and other fruit and vegetable processing equipment in China's Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Guizhou and other regions have been well received by users. At the same time, the products are not only exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions, but also in Europe, the United States and other developed countries have achieved good reputation.

Suitable for blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, strawberry and other berry processing, can produce clear juice, cloudy juice, concentrated juice and jam and other products. The production line is mainly composed of bubble cleaning machine, hoist, fruit detector, air bag juicer, enzymolysis tank, horizontal snail separator, ultrafilter, homogenizer, degasser, sterilizer, filling machine, labeling machine and other equipment. The design concept of the production line is advanced and highly automated; the main equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, which fully meets the health requirements of food processing.


2. System features:

1. Processing capacity from 3 - 1500 tons / day, processing apricot, plum, peach and other stone fruit.

2. It can produce clear juice, turbid juice, original pulp, concentrated juice, concentrated pulp, fruit powder and fruit vinegar.

3. The configuration of the production line is flexible. According to the different final product requirements of customers, different functional equipment can be configured.

4. The final product has high juice yield, bright color, good flavor, modular design of the whole line, combined with different processing technology.

5. High degree of automation, labor saving, self cleaning system, convenient cleaning.

6. The material contact part of the system is made of 304 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of food hygiene and safety.

Raw matierial

Peach, apricot, plum and other nuclear fruits

Final product

Clear juice, turbid juice, original pulp, concentrated juice, concentrated pulp, fruit powder, fruit vinegar

Processing capacity

20 - 1500 tons/day

Effective input

75% of raw fruit(25% waste, peel, seed)

Concentration of juice


Solid content


Final packaging

Sterile bag, metal bag, glass bottle, PET bottle

    3.Flow chart

    4.Final products   

    5.Package style

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