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sterilization system

sterilization system

1. Tubular type sterilizer

Tube sterilizer is widely used in the sterilization of low viscosity materials such as juice, milk, juice with pulp, paste, soup, etc.

Materials can be sterilized and cooled by this equipment to extend the shelf life. According to the different process requirements of sterilization, heat preservation and cooling of materials, single stage, double stage and multi stage combined system design can be carried out.

Processing capacity(t/h)


Sterilizaton temperatureC


Steam pressure(MPa)


Holding timeS

According to customer requirements

Steam consumption(t/h)


Power KW



2. Tube in tube type sterilizer

The tube in tube type sterilizer uses steam, hot water and cold water as heat transfer medium, especially suitable for sterilization of paste, concentrated juice and other high viscosity materials. The main part of the machine adopts a four layer tubular structures: the heat exchange medium flows in the outer layer and the inner layer, and the material flows in the reverse direction in the middle layer. The detachable sleeve is easy for maintenance; CIP and SIP are equipped.


3. Water spray type pasteurizing and cooling tunnel

The function of this machine is suitable for low temperature sterilization and cooling of non low acid beverage after filling and sealing, and has the function of rewarming. The product can be adjusted from the filling temperature to room temperature to avoid condensation on the surface of the product. Because the condensate is easy to make the canned products rusty, and make the labeling and printing error, and it is easy to damage the carton after packing.

This machine uses water as heat exchange medium. The sterilized water is sprayed to the surface of the bottle or can by the nozzle after passing through the tubular heater. After the temperature of the product is raised to the set sterilization temperature, the temperature of the product is adjusted to room temperature by spraying the product through the cooling zone. All the water can flow back to the water tank at the bottom for recycling.


4. UHT - Plate type sterilizer

Plate type sterilizer is suitable for pasteurization, ultra pasteurization and ultra high temperature sterilization of liquid materials such as fruit juice, tea drinks, dairy products, beer and health drinks. This equipment has high heat recovery rate, compact structure, flexible process, easy operation and maintenance, and is favored by customers.

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