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evaporator equipment

evaporator equipment

1. Rising film evaporator

This equipment can be used for vacuum concentration operation in traditional Chinese medicine, food and chemical industry. Including: fruit juice beverage, milk beverage, Chinese herbal medicine, western medicine, glucose, animal protein, plant protein, wine, starch, oral liquid, chemical industry, health food, pigment, additive, monosodium glutamate, etc.

2. Falling film evaporator

The concentration pot is suitable for continuous concentration of thermosensitive substances (such as milk, juice, liquid medicine, etc.) in vacuum at low temperature. It is composed of heater, evaporation chamber, hydraulic ejector, multi-stage water pump, water tank, circulating discharge pump and operating platform. All material contact parts are made of stainless steel. It has the characteristics of small volume, high efficiency and low cost, so it is an ideal concentration equipment.

3. Forced external circulation jam concentration equipment

Forced external circulation jam concentration equipment is used for vacuum concentration of tomato paste, strawberry paste, peach paste, mango paste and other heat sensitive and high viscosity materials. The evaporation amount per hour is 1000kg, 2000kg, 4000kg, 12000kg and 20000kg, which is independently manufactured by our company integrating Italian technology.

The equipment is composed of heater, evaporation chamber and circulation system. Thanks to its unique design, it has high stability and can ensure high concentration, good color and high quality of the final product. According to the output requirements and product characteristics, single effect evaporator, double effect evaporator or multi effect evaporator can be selected.

4. MVR thin film evaporator

MVR thin film evaporator is a new type of evaporator with strong adaptability, which is suitable for materials with high viscosity, heat sensitivity, easy crystallization and scaling. The principle of MVR compressor is to use high-energy steam compressor to compress the secondary steam generated by evaporation, convert electric energy into heat energy, improve the enthalpy of the secondary steam, and the secondary steam with increased heat energy is pumped into the heater to add heat to the materials In order to recycle the existing heat energy of the secondary steam, the evaporator can realize the purpose of evaporation and concentration without external steam.

5. Product advantages:

1. Compared with traditional evaporator, MVR evaporator can save more than 80% energy, 90% condensed water and 50% floor area.

2. The secondary steam is fully utilized, and the economy of generating steam is equivalent to 30 efficiency of multi effect evaporation, which reduces the demand for external heating and cooling resources, reduces energy consumption and pollution.

3. Due to the use of compressor to provide heat source, compared with the traditional evaporator, the temperature difference is much smaller, which can achieve mild evaporation, greatly improve product quality and reduce scaling.

4. There is no need for condenser or only a small area of condenser, the structure and process are very simple, fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable.

5. The material is evaporated at low temperature (evaporation temperature 40 - 100 ), the material liquid is uniform, does not run away, is not easy to coking, and the material heating denaturation is minimum.

6. Scraper heater structure, high heat transfer coefficient, high evaporation capacity, evaporation intensity can reach 200kg / *hr, high thermal efficiency.

7. The heating time of the material is short, about 5 - 10 seconds, and it works under vacuum, which is more beneficial to the heat sensitive material, keeping all kinds of components from any decomposition, and ensuring the product quality.

8. It can adapt to a wide range of viscosity changes. High and low viscosity materials can be treated, and the viscosity of materials can be as high as 100000 centipoise (CP)

9. The equipment covers a small area with simple structure, convenient maintenance and easy cleaning.

ten Low vacuum resistance: due to its unique evaporation form, the treated material only forms a film on the evaporation surface, and does not accumulate on the evaporation surface. Therefore, there is no problem that the static pressure of the liquid column in other evaporation forms counteracts the vacuum degree (the vacuum degree in other evaporation forms only reflects the vacuum degree of the main surface of the liquid phase in the system), and the vacuum degree displayed by the system is the vacuum degree of the material evaporation.

11. High evaporation intensity: with the increase of vacuum degree, the boiling point of the treated material is reduced, the driving force of temperature difference between cold and hot medium is increased, the forced effect of scraper makes the liquid film turbulent and thinner, the self-cleaning effect of scraper inhibits the formation of scale layer on the heating surface, increases the heat transfer coefficient, and improves the evaporation intensity.

12. Short heating time: as the scraper evaporator is a special falling film evaporator, the residence time of materials on the heating surface is very short, about 10-60 seconds (depending on the specifications), which is especially suitable for handling heat sensitive materials.

13. High operation flexibility: the amount of material entering the evaporator per unit time determines the thickness of the liquid film formed on the heating surface. Since the liquid film of the scraper evaporator is forced to form by the scraper, the feed volume can be adjusted in a large range.

6. Application scope

It is suitable for low temperature concentration in tomato paste, milk, glucose, organic acid, pharmaceutical, chemical, bioengineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recovery and other industries.

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