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Tomato sauce processing production line

Tomato sauce processing production line

  1. Product details:

  It is suitable for the processing of ketchup, and can produce seasoning ketchup, tomato sauce and other products. The production line is mainly composed of pure water system, hot water generation system, high-speed dissolution system, blending system, degassing, homogenization, sterilization, filling and capping, empty can unloading, empty can transportation and washing, tunnel sterilization and cooling, and drying , Coding and other equipment. This tomato sauce blending production line has an advanced design concept and a high degree of automation; the main equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel (part of the food contact part is made of SUS316), which fully meets the hygiene requirements of food processing.

  2. System features:

  *The processing capacity is from 0.5 tons/hour to 2 tons/hour

  * Use tomato raw fruit and big bucket (bag) of tomato sauce as raw materials

  * Can produce seasoning tomato sauce, tomato sauce and other products

  * The production line configuration is flexible, and equipment with different functions can be configured according to the needs of different final products of customers

  * Different filling machines can be configured at the same time to obtain products in different packaging forms

  * Modular design of the whole line, combining different processing techniques.

  * High degree of automation, saving labor

  * Comes with a cleaning system, easy to clean.

  * The contact parts of the system materials are all made of SUS304 stainless steel (SUS316 can also be used), which fully meets the food hygiene and safety requirements.

  3. Process flow chart:

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