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Filling system

Filling system

  1. Aseptic big bag filling machine

  To ensure the aseptic requirements of the filling process. The packaging bag is made of aluminum-plastic composite aseptic bag. The sterilization, opening, filling and sealing of the aseptic bag mouth are all completed in an aseptic environment. It is especially suitable for aseptic filling and filling of fruit juice, jam, vegetable juice, beverage puree, pharmaceutical and other industries.


GF8E3000S(Single head)

GF8E8000D(Double head)

Capacity (L/H)



Power (kw)



Steam consumption (0.1mpa) (kg/h)



Compressed air consumption (8kg/cm2)



Maximum weighing range (kg)



Weighing error



Dimensions (mm)



  2. Trinity filling machine

  This machine is specially designed to suspend the bottleneck, so that the PET bottles are transported and operated in the machine. Combined with the air conveyor at the entrance, it can effectively solve the bottle deformation caused by the bottle body being too thin or the high temperature during hot filling The trouble caused by the operation is not smooth.

  3. Main features:

  1. With C.I.P. cleaning function, it can effectively clean the filling barrel and all sanitary piping before and after operation.

  2. The parts in contact between the shell and the raw materials are all made of stainless steel, which is beautiful in appearance and easy to clean.

  3. Use the frequency converter to control the host motor, and have a man-machine interface control panel, which is easy to adjust the production capacity, easy to operate, and can monitor the control signal.

  4. It adopts suspended transmission gear set, which is easy to maintain and repair.

  5. The bottle is transported by hanging the bottleneck, so there is no need to adjust the height of each unit when changing the bottle shape.

  4. Can filling and packaging machine

  This machine is suitable for filling all kinds of viscous sauces, beverages containing pulp or granules, and quantitative filling of pure liquid beverages.

  This machine adopts PLC, frequency converter and man-machine interface control system. It has advanced control technologies such as frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic filling with bottles, and no filling without bottles. Through various sensors on the equipment, the accurate production speed and production quantity can be displayed on the touch screen. The production speed can be set on the touch screen according to user requirements. And can automatically display the corresponding various failures, convenient for users to find the cause of the failure.

  5. Brick packaging equipment

  The equipment can automatically complete paper feeding, sterilization, box making, filling, forming, and sealing actions at one time. The composite material adopts hydrogen peroxide spray, high-intensity ultraviolet radiation and sterile hot air drying, and the packaging box is formed and the material is dried. Filling and sealing after filling are all completed in a sterile room with positive pressure conditions, thus ensuring the sterility of packaging materials and materials, so that the juice beverages packaged after UHT sterilization have a shelf life of up to one year at room temperature . In addition, the machine's PLC, photoelectric correction, frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic solenoid valve, vacuum system, liquid level control, intelligent electronic temperature control adjustment, automatic fault alarm system and sterile room are all famous brands in Germany, Japan and other countries. , The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with exquisite appearance and convenient operation.

  6. Aseptic pillow packaging machine

  This machine is suitable for aseptic packaging of milk, soy milk, peanut milk, juice and other products. Automatically complete functions such as bag making, filling and sealing, date printing, counting, and bag cleaning. Man-machine interface, programmable control, pneumatic, servo motor drive, advanced sterilization and sterility protection. Its man-machine interface, PLC, photoelectric, pneumatic, lubrication, aseptic processing, servo systems and various valve bodies adopt internationally renowned brands. 304, 316 material hygiene and safety guarantee.

  Fully enclosed automatic liquid packaging machine: suitable for automatic bag packaging of liquid food such as milk, soy milk, peanut milk, fruit milk, juice, beverage, soy sauce, acetic acid, etc. The bag making, filling, sealing, counting, date printing and ultraviolet sterilization are all completed in this machine at one time.

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